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Construction Heads Up Part 13: March Break Routes

7 Mar
Hydro chamber construction on Queens Quay West

Hydro chamber construction on Queens Quay West.

As many of you prepare for the upcoming March Break, we’d like to post a little reminder about some of the construction that has been happening here at the Harbour front.

For the remainder of March, the TTC will be limiting access on the University line affecting those traveling between St. George and Union stations. Major re-signalling work over four weekends this month will modernize the TTC signals, relays, wiring and cabling equipment, much of which was originally installed when the University line opened 50 years ago. To accommodate surface travel, a frequent, accessible bus service will operate and shuttle service information is available on the TTC site.

The following weekends will NOT have service between St. George and Union station:

  • Sunday, March 10 (starting Saturday, March 9 at midnight).
  • Sunday, March 17 (starting Saturday, March 16 at midnight).
  • Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24.

For those who are already close to the Harbourfront,  demolition work will continue at the Peter Slip Bridge  after having been delayed due to bad weather. Pedestrian access on the southside of the Peter Slip Bridge is not available due to the confined working space. The northside sidewalk remains open at all times. Crews are expected to remain working in the area until May when the surface of the bridge including the new TTC corridor is complete.

The York Street construction of the new parking lay-by (which will provide a safe area for short-term passenger loading and unloading from coaches and tour buses visiting the waterfront) is nearing completion.  Final paving is expected to be completed this week and regulatory signs will be posted once the lay-by area is finished.

If you’d like to avoid all the driving detours our pedestrian directions from previous blogs still apply or you can plan your route based on the full construction details found at the Waterfront Toronto website.

– Posted by Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Construction Heads Up Part 10: Construction Cameras!

3 Dec

Screen caption of the Waterfront web cameras recording street construction outside the museum.

It’s pretty much a given that no one likes traffic delays or breaking out of their routine to avoid construction, but the techy dork in me can’t help but think the Queens Quay Webcam for your mobile device is kind of  nifty.

There are two cameras in our area, one facing West and another facing East – both of which are updated every 15 minutes. So while you are not watching everything in real time I’m a sucker for stop motion and this has that sort of feel to it. You can even go backwards and watch construction activities from previous days.

And if you’re curious about how the parking lot next to us is doing, there’s a camera for that as well!

For these blogs, we’ve been focusing on construction updates that are specific to our area, but if you want to get the larger picture of how the Waterfront is slowly transforming, you can explore other areas like West Don Lands and East Bayview. 

In case you just can’t wait to see what these cameras will be recording later in the week, here is another heads up on road activities for the week of December 3rd – 7th:

  • traffic will be on the SOUTH SIDE of Queens Quay between Say Street and the 55/65 driveway at Harbour Square
  • After the 55/65 driveway, vehicles will transition back to the Northside of the street
  • in the evening, road will be plated and one lane of Westbound traffic will be open on the NORTHSIDE. The SOUTHSIDE lanes will be CLOSED and re-opened in the morning
  • Flagmen and duty police will be on the street around the 10/20 Bay parking lot and the Ellis Don construction site to help direct traffic and local access will be maintained from the Northside
  • Pedestrian access between Bay and York Street will be maintained at all times

As always, if you’re interested in reading more about the construction activities for this week and what is planned to follow, you can check out the most recent construction notice here.

Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Construction Heads Up Part 9: Temporary Route Change

29 Oct

People getting onto a bus.

We’ve got an important upcoming route change to report to you guys!

Beginning November 5th, the next phase of the Revitalization Project will begin. It is at this time that ONLY WESTBOUND TRAFFIC will be moving between Bay Street and Lower Spadina Avenue. This will require a diversion to Eastbound buses on the 509 Harbourfront  route:

  • From Exhibition Loop, Eastbound 509 Replacement buses run East on Fleet Street, diverting South on Fort York Boulevard, East on Lake Shore Boulevard/ Harbour Street serving temporary stops at Stadium Road, Bathurst Street, Dan Leckie Way, Spadina Avenue, Simco Street and on Bay Street (buses do not stop at Rees Street). Buses continue North on Bay Street (stopping outside Union Station), East on Adelaid Street and South on Yonge to King Street (stopping outside King Station). A paper transfer is required at both Union and King stations.
  • From King Station, Westbound 509 replacement buses run South on Yonge Street, West on Wellington Street, South on Bay Street, West on Queens Quay (serving all Westbound stops), North on Bathurst Street, West on Lake Shore Boulevard, North on Fort York Boulevard and West on Fleet Street to Exhibition Loop.

Please note that the 510 Spadina bus service will continue to operate between Queens Quay and Spadina Loop and Spadina Station bus platform.

Make sense?
We hope so.  But if things are still a little fuzzy and you’re looking for a way to get to the museum, be sure to check out other blogs for some handy walking directions.

You can also visit the Waterfront site to learn more about the Revitalization project or the TTC site for more  route info.

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Construction Heads Up Part 4: Trenching and Falling Concrete

21 Jul

The revitalization project is beginning to become more obvious as orange cones and construction workers make increasingly frequent appearances along the Harbourfront. To help you get the most of your bright, sunny July days, here is your weekly update on what to expect in terms of traffic for the next few days.

  • During the week of July 23-27 there will be some trenching activity at the south-west corner of the Harbourfront Centre. To facilitate this, there will be single lane restrictions for approximately two days.
  • Bell’s line crew continue their manhole work (as mentioned in my previous posting) and will also be creating localized traffic lane constructions – which will be marked by orange cones.

You can find the original construction notification here from the Waterfront Toronto website.

Also happening in the world of traffic news:
A few days ago, there were some TTC streetcar changes as city works dealt with concrete falling from the Gardiner Expressway. Some news reports implicated the extreme heat the city experienced as being a prime reason for the incident, but there are several possible causes. With so many hot days sure to come this summer, we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for news about more sudden streetcar route changes and shuttle bus services related to Gardiner Expressway concrete crashes.

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Construction Heads Up Part 3: Traffic Cones and Delays

14 Jul

Another week, another construction update for you all.

During the week of July 16-20th there will be some traffic lane restrictions when cabling crews open various manholes and check to make sure that the newly installed conduit and duct system are ready to receive new cables. The delays should only last about an hour and areas being worked on will be marked with plastic orange cones.

You can find the original construction notification here from the Waterfront Toronto website.

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Educational Assistant

Construction Heads Up Part 2: Road and Sidewalk Access Restored

9 Jul

Last week I sent out a little warning that there would be some work done around the Harbourfront area, and how this work will effect access to the museum.
This week I’m sending out another heads up to let you all know of some recent changes in the construction schedule.
SURPRISE! There are none!

For the week of July 9th-13th there are officially no construction activities scheduled.
While you may still see some workers moving things around, we’ve been told that road and sidewalk surfaces have been restored to their original conditions, with no restrictions to vehicle or pedestrian access.

You can find the original construction notification here from the Waterfront Toronto website.

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Educational Assistant