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Construction Heads Up Part 12: Temporary Intersection Closure

20 Jan


Unrelated to the recent construction that has been taking place outside of the museum, we have an important notice about additional road work to keep in mind when making travel arrangements.

There will be a partial intersection closure at Spadina Av./ Lakeshore Blvd. and the Gardiner Eastbound off-ramp between January 19th and January 21st.

Pedestrian access will remain open at all times but below are access routes available during this portion of the construction.

Lakeshore Blvd (eastbound)

  • one lane straight through the intersection will be open

Spadina Ave. (southbound)

  • one lane straight through the intersection will be open
  • right-turn Gardiner Expressway/ Lakeshore Blvd. on-ramp will be open

Gardiner Expressway (eastbound) off-ramp at Spadina Ave.

  • one lane will be closed


  • replacement bus service from King Street to Queens Quay Loop will continue to operate
  • northbound buses will detour from Lakesore Blvd. to Rees St./ Bremner Blvd. from January 19-21

And to update you  on how the Queens Quay revitalization has been coming along, we have news that the major demolition and repaving of the TTC corridor is complete however,  Westbound traffic is being diverted to the north, centre or south travel lanes depending on the type of construction required along the corridor.

Bay Street to 55 Harbour Square

  • Traffic will remain on the south side of the street to accommodate Toronto Hydro (PLP) crews who continue to work in the north lanes. Local traffic for 10/20 Bay Street and the EllisDon construction site will be permitted through this work area.

55 Harbour Square to Robertson Crescent

  • Traffic has moved to the centre of Queens Quay. Please note that the TTC bus stops at York Street and Lower Simcoe Street are now located in the centre travel lane. A special loading/unloading area has been created for each stop using concrete jersey barriers and a designated walkway from the signalized intersection provides safe access to the bus stops.

Rees Street to Spadina Avenue

  • There will continue to be a single lane of westbound traffic (on the north side of the street) in this area.The TTC bus stop just past Rees Street will remain on the northside curb and sidewalk.

And as always, you can steer clear of the cars by following our pedestrian directions or check out the original construction notice here for detailed information about what stage the work is in and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer


Construction Heads Up Part 11: Taxicab Construction News

16 Dec

Torn up TTC rails as part of the construction for the Harbourfront Revitalization Project

Time for an update! Here’s your quick-y look at what construction is going to do to your museum route for the week of December 17 to December 21, 2012 just in time for the “end of the world”.

  • Bay St. to 55 Harbour Square – traffic will remain on the south side of the street to accommodate Toronto Hydro who continues to work in the north lanes.
  • 55 Harbour Square to just east of Lower Simcoe Street – traffic will shift to the centre of Queens Quay (the former TTC corridor). Please note – during this time, the TTC stop at York Street will be located just west of York Street on the northside of the centre travel lane. A special “island” loading/unloading zone will be created using concrete barriers. A designated walkway to the signalized intersection will also be put in place to give passengers a safe way to access the bus stop.
  • Lower Simcoe Street to Robertson Crescent – traffic will run along the north side of Queens Quay until just past the Lower Simcoe TTC stop (which will remain at the northside sidewalk). At that point, traffic will travel along the centre lanes until just past Robertson Crescent when traffic moves back to the northside of the street. The TTC stop just past Rees St. will remain on the northside sidewalk.

Special Note about Taxis:
The taxi stand in front of the QQT is being rebuilt along the northwest side of the building.  All major work for the new 5-vehicle taxi stand is expected to be completed by Friday, December 21. When complete, the existing taxi stand will be decommissioned.

And as always, you can steer clear of the cars by following our pedestrian directions or check out the original construction notice here for detailed information about what stage the work is in and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Construction Heads Up Part 8: Cutting Curbs

21 Oct

For the past few months we’ve been updating you all about some of dramatic changes that will be taking place around the Waterfront area. Lately there has been a lot more activity and the construction has become much more noticeable.

Here’s a quick over view of what you can expect to see happening this week, and what will be taking place in the future.

  • crews will start cutting concrete curbs, beginning at 350 Queens Quay and working east to York Street
  • construction noise will be audible but will fall within the City’s Construction Noise Bylaw
  • two-way traffic will continue on Queens Quay but localized lane restrictions should be expected in the work zone
  • Short stretches (30m) of a single east bound and west bound lane, adjacent to the TTC corridor, will be closed to traffic but will be restored for both east and westbound traffic at the end of each day
  • Fast fence has been erected along the length of sidewalk adjacent to the Westin Hotel
  • for pedestrians, there will be minimal route disruptions as crews will be predominately working from the curbside eastbound traffic
  • Between Bay St. and York St., crews will start placing well points in preparation of dewatering
  • traffic barrels and security cones will be used and paid duty police officers will be on-site (as necessary) to direct traffic

Throughout all the road work, MIA will remain open for visitors and continue to host regular hours (daily from 10-6pm) and in an effort to bypass some of the more disruptive traffic changes, we’ve created a pedestrian friendly map and the new TTC streetcar routes in order to help plan your visit.

You can see the original construction notice here, or visit the website for more information.

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Construction Heads Up Part 7: Rain, Rain, Go Away…

12 Aug

Sheltered view of our rainy Queens Quay Terminal.

For those brave enough to risk a day out during this temperamental weather we’ve got you covered with another construction update.

Continuing from last week, all transit priority signals have been deactivated along Queens Quay. This includes the signal at the York/Queens Quay intersection which was repaired last week.

TTC crews also will continue to work within the Harbourfront portal where they have been removing overhead wiring on the portal’s exit/entry ramp located just west of Bay St. Once again, trucks and crews will occupy the track right-of-way and ramp area during this work. This means that there will be NO DISRUPTIONS to pedestrian or vehicle access along Queens Quay. That being said, streetcars continue to be out of service and have been replaced by shuttle buses.

Now if only we could get the weather to cooperate…

You can see the original construction notice here, or visit the website for more information.

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Construction Heads Up Part 6: Civic Holiday and Cable Installation

5 Aug

So how many people took the wrong bus to the Harbourfront at least once this week?
Be honest…
*Raises hand* (In my defense, not all of us are “Morning People”)

Hopefully everyone is getting used to the new shuttle bus system that has replaced the 509 and 510 street cars that run from Union Station to York Street. If you need a little refresher, check out our previous posting that includes a short video produced by the TTC and shows some of the traffic changes taking place.

As for this long weekend …
No road work on Monday! Yipee!!

But once this civic holiday has passed, it’s back to business.

For the week  of August 7-10th you’ll still catch a glimpse of workers removing the overhead wiring from the portal to just East of Spadina Avenue. The crew and their trucks will be occupying the track right-of-way but there should be no pedestrian disruption. Vehicle traffic will experience short “holds” when crews cut the span wires  that extend to curbside poles but this delay should only last about five minutes.

Another vehicle disruption will take place on both August 9th and 10th when Bell crews begin to install new copper and fibre cables. To facilitate this construction, a localized single-lane closure will take place on the North side of the street (in the Westbound curb lane) just East of Lower Simcoe from 9am-4pm. Both temporary barriers and duty officers will be in the area to direct traffic.

And, as always, you can read the official construction update here.
Might I suggest reading it in a well air conditioned place with plenty of  icy water.

Hope you (and those construction workers) find a way to keep cool and have a great long weekend!

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Construction Heads Up Part 5: A Streetcar Named “Replacement Shuttle Bus”

29 Jul

Well we all knew this would have to happen eventually…
Starting today and continuing until sometime in 2013, there will no longer be any streetcars running from Union Station to the Harbourfront.

But don’t get too upset, these street cars have been replaced by shuttle buses – and they’ve kept the same 509 and 510 names to avoid confusion.

Now since there will be no streetcars, TTC crews will begin removing the overhead streetcar wiring from the portal to east of Lower Spadina Avenue. The wire removal will begin on Monday July 30th and should take about 10 days but if we have another day of pouring rain or other severe weather the removal process could take longer.

Although the majority of construction activities happening between July 29th- August 3rd will take place on the TTC track right-of-way with almost no impacts to vehicular or pedestrian access it’s a good idea to check in on the most recent updates.

There is even a handy video explaining the changes!

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Construction Heads Up Part 4: Trenching and Falling Concrete

21 Jul

The revitalization project is beginning to become more obvious as orange cones and construction workers make increasingly frequent appearances along the Harbourfront. To help you get the most of your bright, sunny July days, here is your weekly update on what to expect in terms of traffic for the next few days.

  • During the week of July 23-27 there will be some trenching activity at the south-west corner of the Harbourfront Centre. To facilitate this, there will be single lane restrictions for approximately two days.
  • Bell’s line crew continue their manhole work (as mentioned in my previous posting) and will also be creating localized traffic lane constructions – which will be marked by orange cones.

You can find the original construction notification here from the Waterfront Toronto website.

Also happening in the world of traffic news:
A few days ago, there were some TTC streetcar changes as city works dealt with concrete falling from the Gardiner Expressway. Some news reports implicated the extreme heat the city experienced as being a prime reason for the incident, but there are several possible causes. With so many hot days sure to come this summer, we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for news about more sudden streetcar route changes and shuttle bus services related to Gardiner Expressway concrete crashes.

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer