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Visitor Evaluation: Follow Your Art

8 Jul

Over the past month, the MIA has been conducting visitor evaluations on the ‘Follow Your Art’ program. We want to find out how well the program is working to enhance the visitor experience, and through the administration of surveys, we are getting closer to this goal.

The ‘Follow Your Art’ program is a self-guided option within the museum which seeks to enable visitors to appreciate the stylistic elements of the pieces and gain a deeper understanding of Inuit art.

To gauge the efficacy of this program, we have created a short survey for guests to complete toward the end of their visit. In order to keep answers as accurate as possible, the surveys have been independently filled out by visitors without interference by administrators.

So far, the findings have been interesting! Of all the participants to date, 98.0% of visitors who experienced ‘Follow Your Art’ reported feeling a deeper connection to the art, with 70.0% of that group feeling a personal connection. In addition, 94.1% of respondents experienced an increase in understanding after experiencing ‘Follow Your Art’.

When the data collection is complete, we will be conducting a thorough analysis of the responses, with more detailed findings available. Until then, drop by the museum to experience the evaluation process first-hand!

 Posted by: Serena Ypelaar, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

Surveys and Suggestions

2 Sep

If you’ve visited the museum during the last few weeks, you may have been approached by some very inquisitive MIA volunteers. We always love hearing from visitors about their trips to the Arctic, pieces of art they’ve collected, or which work was their favourite piece on display, our volunteers had some specific topics in mind as they distributed this years Visitor Evaluation.

A Visitor Evaluation is a simple questionnaire or survey that helps the museum answer specific questions in order to  improve the museum experience. Surveys can be targeted to a particular exhibition, program, or tour, but they could also be broader in scope to get the “big picture”. For the purposes of our latest evaluation, we looked at: who visits, why they visit, and what they both expected to see that day and would like to see in the future. By asking these questions, we’ll be able to tailor our museum to create the ultimate museum visit and offer you more of what you like.

Just as there are different types of questions that can be asked, how you deliver the survey can also vary. I think we’ve all been prompted by messages online to complete a customer survey, or received a phone call asking for feedback. When we created our evaluation, we wanted to be as unobtrusive as possible so we chose the face-to-face interview method. This less formal style keeps the interactions light and friendly, with the added bonus of being able to share those great stories of your Arctic/Inuit art experiences.

We’ve just about wrapped up our summer round of evaluations but there are still plenty of ways to have your voice heard if you have a comment or suggestion to make. Inside the museum we have a visitor comment board where you can leave a question (or fun drawing like on this board).

The visitor comment board can be found at the entrance to the M. and G. Thiel Audio-Visual Centre.

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter if you wanted to leave us a message online.

To everyone who has already participated, a GIANT “thank you!” for spending some time with our volunteers and answering their questions. And keep an eye out during our next exhibition or program – you might just see some of your suggestions in action!

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA Visitor Services Officer