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March Break Round-Up

20 Mar

Last week was March Break here in Toronto (otherwise known as Spring Break elsewhere). This means that MIA was extra busy with families coming to the museum. This year, we focused on learning about animals through Inuit art. Animals are a major theme in Inuit art and something our permanent collection focuses on, so it was a great opportunity to engage some younger visitors.

MIA's lobby, full of colourful Arctic animal facts, for March Break

So, in addition to our regular activities, MIA certified visiting children (and some adults!) “Junior Arctic Animal Experts” once they completed some special activities, including drawing from the collection and learning animal names in Inuktitut.

I’m very happy to say that the turnout was amazing! It was fantastic to see so many families so engaged and excited. That being said, I had some particularly favorite moments: (1) a mother quizzing her children on how to say dog in Inuktitut (“qimmiq“); (2) a family watching a taped interview with artist David Ruben Piqtoukun three times to make sure they got everything out of it that they could; and (3) our volunteers really getting into the spirit and making their own fold-up animal crafts.

MIA's M. and G. Thiel Education Centre with special activities and decorations for March Break.

MIA always has activities available for children, but I think this March Break was really a special success. Next up is celebrating Nunavut on April 1 – I’m really excited to see the response. Stay tuned for more information on MIA’s special programming and other behind-the-scenes activities!

Posted by: Alysa Procida, MIA’s Educational Coordinator