Staff Contributors

MIA’s blog features many different voices from our museum, including staff and volunteers. However, we do have some bloggers who contribute more frequently than others. Get to know our major bloggers here: First up is our Digital Assets Coordinator Brittany Holliss

Intern Brittany Holliss
  • Job Title: Digital Assets Coordinator
  • Interests: K-pop, travel, reading fiction, earning lingots in Duolingo.
  • Favorite Piece at MIA: All the playful and contorted pieces from Kitikmeot region.
  • Fun Fact: I’m afraid of heights but I’ve already gone bungee jumping in two different countries and really, really, REALLY want to go on the CN Tower Edge Walk.
Next our, Collections Manager
Lauren Williams 
MIA's Collection Manager posting with the adult male polar bear hide from the Educational Collection.
  • Job Title: Collections Manager
  • Interests: Cyborgs, quoting NBC comedies in everyday conversation, knitting, accessibility.
  • Favorite Piece at MIA: Too many to choose.  Depends on what day you ask me!  Today, let’s say, “Hunter Aiming Gun [Ashtray]” by Artist Unknown, “Inuit Bible Class” by Ennutsiak and anything by Barnabus Arnasungaaq.
  • Fun Fact: I was once in a play about flying squirrels.
Next our, Retail Sales Associate
Ashley Cook  
site portrait
  • Job Title: Retail Sales Associate
  • Interests: History, comedy, art & culture, sewing, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
  • Favorite Piece at MIA: Just one?! Not happening! I narrowed it down to four: Toonoo Sharky “Transformation,” Nuveeya Ipellie “Muskox,” Mark Tunigilik “Otter” and the Child’s Amauti in our permanent collection. The beading is amazing!
  • Fun Fact: I volunteer with a Photographic Historical Society here in the city, so in my off time you can find me talking about photography. A LOT.
And last but not least…
Caitlin Hudson 
 Caitlin 1
  • Job Title: Programming and Outreach Assistant
  • Interests: Travelling, reading, visiting museums and art galleries.
  • Favorite Piece at MIA: Abraham Ruben Piqtoukun’s “Fire Spirits Rising”, Gilbert Hay’s “Nanuk Polar Bear”, and Pauta Saila’s “Dancing Polar Bear” (to name a few!)
  • Fun Fact: I hate the cold but I want to travel to the Arctic Circle and Antarctica.

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