Volunteer Appreciation Week: Christina J.

10 Apr

The Museum of Inuit Art has an amazing team of over 30 volunteers that offer their time and expertise to support many areas of our operations—public programs, visitor services, website development, collections management, and marketing to name a few. In 2013 our volunteers contributed nearly 4,888 hours to our organization. That is the equivalent of the hours worked by 2.5 full-time staff members in a given year! We are truly grateful for their support. Throughout National Volunteer Appreciation Week will be celebrating the contributions of our amazing volunteer team during 2013.

We have such a fantastic team here at the museum, it is hard to capture all the wonderful people involved but we’ve selected a few of our current and past volunteers in a variety of roles to speak about their experience being a part of the MIA family!


 Christina J.

Christina Christina today

Pictured above are photos of Christina during her time at MIA and during her time in Cuzco, Peru this past summer.

Christina Johnson began volunteering with us in September 2012 as a Front Desk volunteer. Throughout the eight months that she volunteered at MIA she contributed over 130 hours of service to our institution, not only on our front desk but with our March Break programming. While Christina was with us, she illustrated a great passion for the study of different cultures, particularly through artifacts. She often asked insightful questions related to collections management and exhibition development at our museum and we are pleased to see her pursuing a career in the cultural heritage field.

Why did you decide to volunteer with the Museum of Inuit Art?

I studied Anthropology in Undergrad, and when I moved to Toronto I knew I wanted to get museum experience in an institution that was related to native cultures, and their artifacts. I thought the Museum of Inuit Art would be a perfect fit, and allow me to experience many different parts of museum life.

Describe your experience during your time with MIA.

Although I was only with the museum for a short time my time there allowed me to gain experience and also to become comfortable in the museum setting, which helped me cement my plan to go into Museum studies. MIA provided the perfect setting to gain practical and knowledge based experience.

What was the most memorable or rewarding moment that you had while volunteering with the museum?

One of my most memorable experiences while volunteering was participating in an educational program, during spring break, which taught children about the differences in grocery prices between Toronto and the Arctic. It was great to be able to interact with children and teach them something they had never thought about, while hopefully also igniting their interest in Inuit culture.

What have you learned from your experience with the museum?

During my time at the museum I learned a lot about the importance of customer service, and interacting with visitors, to enhance their experience and hopefully get them to come back. I also learned about Inuit art and culture, which was something I unfortunately, knew nothing about when I started.

What are you doing now?

Currently I am a Graduate student at the University of Florida, studying Museum Studies, with a concentration in Anthropology.

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Digital Assets Coordinator

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