National Volunteer Appreciation Week: Laura A.

7 Apr

The Museum of Inuit Art has an amazing team of over 30 volunteers that offer their time and expertise to support many areas of our operations—public programs, visitor services, website development, collections management, and marketing to name a few. In 2013 our volunteers contributed nearly 4,888 hours to our organization. That is the equivalent of the hours worked by 2.5 full-time staff members in a given year! We are truly grateful for their support. Throughout National Volunteer Appreciation Week will be celebrating the contributions of our amazing volunteer team during 2013.

We have such a fantastic team here at the museum, it is hard to capture all the wonderful people involved but we have selected a few of our current and past volunteers in a variety of roles to speak about their experience being a part of the MIA family!

Laura A.


Laura Arngna’naaq began volunteering with us in August 2013 on our front desk. Throughout the sixty-eight hours of service she gave to the museum, Laura was a strong advocate of the museum and promoted our membership program both onsite and offsite. This resulted in her receiving the award for recruiting the most new members during our 2013 membership drive. Laura continues to be involved with the museum as a MIA member and as she helps us build a partnership with the Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada.

Here is how Laura describes her experience with the museum:

Why did you decide to volunteer with the Museum of Inuit Art?

I had been to the Museum of Inuit Art once before with my family and felt that the exhibit was a beautiful and diverse collection of Inuit art.   Because of this when I finished my masters degree and had some free time I thought the museum would be a perfect opportunity to get to know more about Inuit art and enjoy the collection.

Describe your experience during your time with MIA.

Volunteering with Museum was a very rewarding experience.  Although I did see a number of collectors visit the Museum, there were a number of visitors that were genuinely curious about Inuit Art and Culture, so answering their questions and explaining a bit about my heritage was a fun and rewarding experience.

What was the most memorable or rewarding moment that you had while volunteering with the museum?

I would say my most memorable moment that I had while volunteering at the museum was just chatting with the Museum Curator and staff about Inuit art and learning so much just from having a conversation with the passionate and knowledgable staff at the Museum.

What have you learned from your experience with the museum?

Personally, I learned a lot about Inuit art.  Although my grandmother was a print artist herself (and her sewing was an art form in itself! She made the amouti I am wearing the picture) I felt that there was a lot more to learn.  From volunteering I learned a lot about the distinct regional differences in style and art form behind art as well as some of the historical motifs behind it.

What are you doing now?

I am currently working as a Junior Corporate Accountant at Brookfield Office properties and in my spare time volunteering for the Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada and am a Board member of the Native Woman’s Resource Centre of Toronto.

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Digital Assets Coordinator


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