30 May

It saddens me to write this, but my internship has officially come to end. I’ve had a wonderful learning experience at the MIA and I’m really proud of the work that I’ve done here. As of this afternoon, all of the lesson plans and teacher resources are up on our website and waiting to be enthusiastically implemented by teachers in the upcoming school year! Besides honing my lesson planning skills, I’ve definitely come away with more knowledge about Inuit art and history and confidence to infuse this critical subject matter into different curricular strands.

Many thanks to my supervisor, Alysa Procida, who will certainly be missed. Her expert advice, thorough proofreading and careful attention to detail helped to make these resources as polished and accurate as possible. Thanks to Brittany Holliss and Lindsay Bontoft for their continued help and support, as well!

I’m looking forward to one day making use of these resources myself and bringing my students to the museum for a guided tour.

See you later!

– Posted by: Aviva German, MIA’s Educational Intern

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