Adopt an Object: Women Preparing Food

5 Feb
Ennutsiak - Women Preparing Food edited

This piece “Women Preparing Food” by to Ennutsiak is part of the MIA’s new Adopt an Object fundraising initiative.

As part of  the MIA’s new fundraising initiative ‘Adopt an Object’, we’ll be highlighting a featured item from our Permanent Collection that staff have chosen to represent some of  the unique pieces we display in the museum. For more information on the program itself and what it means to be a donor, you can check out our past blog post.

Today, we’re highlighting a staff favourite – Ennutsiak’s “Women Preparing Food”

Artist: Ennutsiak (1896 – 1967)
Location: Iqaluit
Date: c. 1960s
Medium: Stone, ivory
Dimensions (H x W x D): 5” x 8” x 7”
Collection: Sprott/MIA Collection

Significance: Ennutsiak is a well-respected carver and is known for his works that document traditional Inuit life and culture. This sculpture of a family scene of women preparing food is notable for its use of mixed media, with the ulus being made of ivory. Attention to detail in the clothing and hairstyles carved by Ennutsiak make this piece an indisputable depiction of community life in the North Baffin Region and embodies the notion of Iniut art-making as ‘memory art’.

Adoption Rate: $300

To adopt this piece, contact our curator Alysa at aprocida [at] miamuseum [dot] ca.


Posted by Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Visitor Services Officer

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