Let’s go on a SCVNGR hunt!

14 Jun

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!
Best internship day  EVER!
*giggles for five minutes and high fives some staff*

I am just so excited about the MIA’s latest smartphone adoption – SCVNGR!!
Pronounced “scavenger”, our latest piece of museum tech is a gaming platform. That’s right, I get to play games at my internship.

A lot of companies and cultural institutions are getting behind this thing because it’s a fun way for visitors to interact with their environment and get free stuff. Different SCVNGR locations offer games (known as “challenges”) that ask the visitor to either answer questions or perform tasks. These challenges are worth points that can be redeemed for awesome free stuff.

You’re not even limited to playing these  games in one place.
SCVNGR also has “treks” which are a series of challenges spread over multiple areas. For example, you could find a coffee trek and visit various cafes and coffee  shops, accumulating points as you move along. And you don’t have to worry about completing a trek in a single go, you can stop and start whenever you want without losing your progress.

How to Play:

1. Download the SCVNGR app from your Android Play Store or iPhone App Store
2. Create an account
3. Use the search bar to type in the name of a store, or restaurant, or I don’t know… a museum – might I suggest the Museum of Inuit Art
4. Select the “Challenges” tab and scroll down to see a list of different games in the “Feeling Adventurous” section
5. Choose one of the challenges and follow the instructions to earn points that go to getting rewards
6. Different rewards require  different points. Once you’ve earned enough to points, you’ll be promoted to redeem them. Simply click the “Info” tab and and select the reward check mark towards the bottom of the screen.
IMPORTANT: You will only be allowed to redeem rewards once so be sure to show your activation screen to staff members a.s.a.p or else you’ll lose out.

If you don’t feel like doing wonderfully fun and silly games there are some other ways to get points:
“Check-in” = 1 point
Kind of like Foursquare, but… not?

“Social check-in” = 2 points per friend when you BUMP YOUR PHONES WITH ANOTHER PHONE TO ACTIVATE POINTS!!
Seriously, you hit each others phones like mini hip-checks or chest bumps or high fives… (can you tell we were super excited by this feature and played around a lot with it?)

BUMPING PHONES!! And being totally professional about it.

“Say Something” = 2 points
Here is where you can either write a quick note, an idea, or even a mini review.

“Snap a Picture” = 2 points
Take a picture of something you find pretty, or interesting, or pretty interesting.

In case you don’t trust me and my brief SCVNGR 101 lesson, the good people who actually run the software came up with this handy video tutorial.

I’ve already set up a few challenges and created a reward which the staff has successfully completed (and giggled over as well) so things are ready to go if you want to grab your smartphone and start playing! That’s what I’ll be doing until home time tonight 🙂

– Posted by: Brittany Holliss, MIA’s Educational Assistant


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