Arts and Crafts at MIA

12 Nov

At MIA, we strive to foster connections between our visitors and the objects within the Museum’s collections so that meaningful learning leads to change, development and a desire to learn more. In MIA’s M. and G. Thiel Educational Centre, we provide a variety of hands-on art and cultural activities from 12pm to 4pm every weekend. Our volunteer Arts Assistant, Grace, helps to come up with arts and crafts activities inspired by Inuit art on display in the museum, and she is here to assist visitors with creating their own MIA works of art.

MIA volunteer Grace shows off one of her crafty designs inspired by art of the Kitikmeot region in the Arctic (which can be seen on display in the Museum)

Colourful inuksuit (the plural form of inuksuk) made by Grace as a demo for the arts and crafts table

The arts and crafts activities at MIA aren’t  just for kids. People of all ages can join in the fun! Today we had several young people enjoying making crafts at the museum.

Visitors Pavel, Eva, Michael and Saki crafting away with the guidance of MIA volunteer Grace.

Saki presents her multi-coloured inuksuk

Michael hard at work on his artistic creation

The arts and crafts table is just one of the many fun, creative and educational programs we have for visitors at MIA. Be sure to check back on our blog, as well as our website (, for more information about our upcoming events, activities and exhibits.

– Posted by: Kate Mossman, MIA’s Development Officer

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