We’re Here!

17 Sep

Hello from Nunavut!

MIA Director David Harris and I just arrived in Kangirqliniq (Rankin Inlet). While we’re getting settled, I’m excited to update you about the trip so far. If you keep up with our Twitter and Facebook feeds, you’ll know that yesterday we landed in Winnipeg, since you can’t get a direct flight to anywhere in the Arctic from Toronto. Rankin serves as the regional “hub” for the Kivalliq region, as I discussed last week, so many people fly here (from Winnipeg) and continue on to other destinations in the region.

While at the Winnipeg airport, we saw out first sign in syllabics, which I posted yesterday. Though it was nice to see syllabics, the sign is for the Kivalliq Inuit Centre Medical Transportation Pick-Up Area, as you can see. Though there is health care in the Arctic, there is no major hospital in the Kivalliq so when people have specialized or serious health needs, they often must fly south.

We spent the day in Winnipeg and then this morning flew to Rankin. This is my first experience flying up north, so I was (naively) surprised to learnt that we may  not have ended up in Rankin at all today. Due to low visibility weather conditions, we may have had to divert to Churchill, Manitoba, or simply turn back around to Winnipeg and try again later. We boarded the plane with high hopes anyway.

Thankfully, the weather cleared up by the time we made it here so we were able to land. It was quite overcast, so we couldn’t see much on our descent until we were quite low. But as we did, the tundra opened up underneath us and it was amazing – just beautiful, and such a different kind of environment than we have in Toronto.

View of Rankin Inlet from the plane

So now that we’re here, it’s time to get down to work. Keep checking back, I’ll be blogging about our trip the whole week.

Posted by: Alysa Procida, MIA’s Educational Coordinator


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