Profile: MIA’s Youngest Lenders

21 May

MIA’s collection of displayed works are a mixture of works owned by the museum or objects on loan from private and institutional lenders. When people think of art collectors, most people think almost exclusively of adults or institutions. However, we have lenders who have generously agreed to display two of their pieces who defy these categories: MIA’s youngest lenders, Yasmin Harris and her sisters Lauren and Autumn, who have loaned two pieces to the museum. I decided to ask Yasmin a few questions:

Yasmin Harris with her pieces, Mosesie Pootoogook's Dancing Bears

What’s your favourite thing about Inuit art?

I was born in Iqaluit and looking at Inuit art makes me feel connected to my birth.

Do you have any other pieces?

I do – I have about ten other pieces. My favourite one is by Mary Osuitok. They’re all pretty small.

What do you like about these pieces?

They’re so small! I’ve never seen them so small!

What’s your favourite thing about the museum?

I like the AV Centre – it’s pretty cool and high tech.

Are you artist?

No, but I am a committed dancer.

Do you think it’s important for young people to see and be involved with art?

Yes I do. I think it’s important for people of all ages, not necessarily teenagers or young children because it’s a great outlet as well as a great pastime.

What’s your advice for any younger person who wants to be more involved with art?

I would first say to be fully committed to it and know that it’s going to take quite a bit of your time but it’s going to be worth it. It’s really easy to find people and places that are willing to help you – classes, teachers and those kinds of people. When you’re confident with it, start auditioning or submitting your work.

Posted by: Alysa Procida, MIA’s Educational Coordinator

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