Farewell Message

21 Apr

For those of you who read my last postings on the joys of volunteering (and then working) for MIA, you will know that I LOVE my job. It is therefore with bittersweet feelings that I write this last post.

Because of various experiences, including that gained at MIA, I was accepted last year into the Master of Museum Studies Program at the University of Toronto. In order to fulfill degree requirements, but mainly to gain more experience, I have accepted an internship at one of Canada’s national museums, in Ottawa, and will be pursuing this opportunity for the summer.

My main motivation for writing this is to publicly thank all of the incredible people with whom I have had the opportunity to work. Of course, thanks to David Harris who gave me every opportunity to learn and to thrive in the museum and gallery settings .To Nazie Harris who is a fantastic mentor and friend, and let me ask a million and one questions whenever I needed. My wonderful co-worker Dmitry has helped me keep my sanity during countless printer jams (after which he would literally have to take the printer apart, peel labels off the laser, and reassemble! Sorry Dima!), and who has not only been available, but happy to help me with countless tasks around the museum. Alysa – my completely invaluable co-worker has helped me with almost every work task imaginable, and will undoubtedly take over these tasks effectively in my absence with one hand tied behind her back! And of course, the numerous volunteers that have made my time so amazing here – through funny stories, early morning coffee runs, bacon breakfast sandwiches, afternoon coffee runs (!), freshly baked cookies, more freshly baked cookies, extra layers for when the front desk was cold, making miniature clay sculptures, and just general thoughtfulness and laughter.

I will miss you all dearly!

Posted by: Annika Lauffer, MIA’s Operations Manager


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