Family Activities at MIA

16 Apr

Finding activities for the whole family to enjoy together can be tricky, especially when there’s less-than-ideal weather like today. MIA’s M. and G. Thiel Educational Centre  offers a nice, comfortable spot for families to spend some time together making art activities, like fold-up crafts and clay animal sculptures.

Some clay sculptures at the M. and G. Thiel Educational Centre

Inside the museum, there’s plenty for families to do, too. In addition to some of the activities we listed here, MIA offers many different scavenger hunts for children to help them engage with the museum. Everything from finding Arctic animals to drawing traditional Inuit tools is available! When finished, children can receive an Outstanding Artist Award they can put on the fridge at home. Don’t forget, we also have a monthly drawing contest anyone can enter. Winners get their work featured in our monthly newsletter!

Stay tuned for more exciting events coming up at MIA – we have some fantastic events on in May you won’t want to miss!

Posted by: Alysa Procida, MIA’s Educational Coordinator

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